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“To be able to be naked is to be able to say ‘stop’. It’s a real personal journey, ”she adds.

Massage movements are carried out all over the body, erogenous zones included . Slowness and breathing are the keys to a good tantric massage. The movements are enveloping, the pressures more or less light.

If you are embarrassed by any physical manifestations of excitement, do not panic: they are not abnormal even if this is not the purpose of the massage.

Tantric massage within the couple

Tantric massage can teach you to make love again , in a less mechanical way. It allows you to decenter the act of penetration, that is to say to free you from the pattern “little hugs – penetration – enjoyment – rest”.

This practice allows you to increase desire, take your time, explore the senses, discover your body and that of your partner.