1. Prepare anything before yoni massage

Preparing is the first step before starting the game, we should talk to increase confidence for women. Then, gently rub your hand on your back with the pillow under your knees, hips, and head to let her know that her partner is starting and what’s going on. Yoni massages can be done on a bed, massage table or anywhere you can be relaxed and comfortable.

 2. Breathe

Breathe evenly and slowly because both the giver and the receiver need to feel everything that happens during the massage. You should remind her at this stage if she stops or starts shallow breathing that can be done by breathing louder than talking.

3. Massage

You sit in the middle of her legs, using high quality Yoni Massage Oil (try to avoid floating oils on the market) so that the body temperature under hot water begins to massage the stomach, chest, legs and thighs. This allows the recipient to relax more, feel comfortable to explore and enjoy the touch and feel. Try to maintain eye contact as much as possible to make a deeper connection.

4. Yoni Massage

Pour some Yoni Massage oil onto the back, hips and cover both sides of the thigh. Slowly and gently is the key to the success of this process, starting to massage the outer surface of the female vagina. Using the thumb and index finger of the right hand, gently squeeze the lips one outside at a time and slide up and down the length. Watch each other’s eyes to evaluate any adjustments or iterations to increase pleasure. Depending on your perception, you will see all the visual cues you will guide, so talk at least or at least talk to her.

5. Discover the vagina

Use your thumb and index finger to gently massage the clitoris, use clockwise and squeeze gently. Breathe gently and deeply. Use your middle finger with your palms facing up, gently and slowly massage, nourish, relax and explore the inside of the vagina.

6. Increase the tempo

This can be found with the middle finger towards the palm. Just below the pubic bone, you will feel a porous area of   tissue. Watch the recipient’s eyes, change the speed and pressure to maximize fun.

7. Massage more

The fingers between the little finger and middle finger can also be inserted to increase stimulation. The thumb can be used for external and clitoral massage, and can also be used for gentle massage around the anus. At the same time, use your left hand to massage the abdomen and chest to create gentle love. All the while looking into each other’s eyes and breathing slowly. Emotions sometimes occur from lightness and holding the breath.

8. Finish

Sincerely, slowly and gently remove your hand and when she is ready to hug each other in cuddling arms.

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