Erotic massage as a natural aphrodisiac, a good option. In life as a couple it usually happens that over time, the relationship falls into monotony. To prevent this from happening, both members should look for alternatives to the routine.

Erotic massage as a sexual practice

Erotic massage consists of stimulating the skin and muscles to obtain a pleasant sensation. The goal of a normal massage may be relaxation, but in this type, what is sought is to increase the excitement.

Both receiving an erotic massage and giving it can be pleasant. It is not about massaging the muscles to relax tensions. What we are looking for is the game of touch, soft caresses. In addition, we can include kisses.

The skin has approximately 1.5 million receptors. This means that it is extremely sensitive, being the sensory organ with the largest surface area of   the body.

Massages are not a recent practice, since since ancient times, caressing the skin and producing sensations through the use of the hands was a common technique for those who practiced the art of loving each other.

When we put ourselves in the hands of another person to receive a massage, we somehow completely surrender ourselves to it. We let him play with our body, to touch it unpredictably for us. If the caresses come in addition to a person with whom we have confidence, we can awaken a whole sea of   sensations.

The stress and hustle and bustle of our lives make us live in everyday problems. We drag the tension day after day and we can’t get rid of it. With the massages, we can relax and recover the eroticism with our partner, since this tends to suffer stress as well.

Erotic massage relaxes the muscles and calms our mind. It makes us disconnect from the past and the future to focus on what we experience in the present moment. In this way, we get carried away by what we feel and connect with the different parts of our body.

Prepare the environment

Erotic massage is used within the preliminaries. Through it you can create an intimate atmosphere of tenderness and eroticism at the same time. Through the caresses that vary in intensity we can awaken the desire, both that of our partner and our own.

The hands of our partner or lover, in addition to seeking physical well-being, also seek to convey other emotions. These can be affection, tenderness or care of the other person. Who receives the massage can be excited by the type of caresses that are received, while the one who gives it, can perceive how the skin that is massaged is tightened and excited with it.

It is not necessary to be experts to give an erotic massage. Just get carried away and experience. Observing the reactions of the other person we will know how we should continue and what kind of caresses are the most pleasant.

With this type of practice we divert the attention of our genitals and try something new. The routine and knowledge of our partner leads us to go directly to what we know works. Thus, without realizing it, we fall into monotony and the flame of the relationship goes out.

The preparations of erotic massage

For the erotic massage to be satisfactory we must look for a time that is appropriate for both parties. If we have little time or are worried about a meeting or work that we have to deliver shortly, it may not be the most suitable.

However, on the weekend or some night after work where you have time, you can take the opportunity to try. It is convenient to turn off the phones and everything that could be a distraction or an interruption. Otherwise, all the effort will be in vain.

The ideal place to perform the erotic massage will be the bed or the sofa, provided that it is spacious and comfortable. Another possibility is to place some blankets or a comforter on the floor and cushions. So we also distance ourselves from the bedroom and create a different atmosphere.

The temperature should also be pleasant, neither too cold nor too hot, otherwise we can feel uncomfortable and it will be difficult to relax. Also the light should go accordingly, so we will look for one that is dim and suggestive. If you wish, you can also include some relaxing music.

It is recommended not to perform the massage after eating, as it can cause discomfort. On the contrary, we can drink a glass of any beverage that is to our liking, such as a liquor, and something to eat lightly; for example a dessert or some cut fruit.

Oils to accompany the erotic massage

Performing an erotic massage to our partner can be something improvised or that we have previously prepared. Depending on your preferences you can opt for one option or another. In any case, to anticipate the events, it is convenient to have at home oils that are aphrodisiacs in case the occasion arises.

Erotic massage oils contain aphrodisiac ingredients that are 100% natural. When we apply them on the skin, we achieve the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The oil S aninex libido power , as the name implies, helps us wake up the libido and activate our desire.

Other oils, such as Saninex Enhancer , contain retardant tea and Ginseng, a potent muscle activator. With it we will be able to increase our strength and our resistance, lengthening and enhancing our climax. This results in a longer and stronger erection and a much more intense pleasure.

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