Techniques For A Successful Tantric Massage


Aug 27, 2021

What exactly is tantric massage?

Based on the rituals taught in the tantras of Hinduism,  tantric massage  is an erotic massage technique intended to vary romantic exchanges. Influenced by Chinese and Indian traditions, this massage is today very appreciated by couples as well as those looking for pleasure in a massage parlor. This is also why it is more and more practiced in spas and salons.

Practicing completely naked, this sensual massage does not require a towel or underwear since its purpose is to connect partners. Both tender and sensual, this technique is focused on vital energy in order to achieve enjoyment for two. To increase the pleasure, the massage oil used will be hot.

Tantric massage has many names (Indian massage, naturist, erotic), but the technique remains the same. By consulting specialized sites like , you can find out more about the subject.

What are the gestures to know?

Unlike other techniques, the gestures to perform for a  naturist tantric massage   are not predefined. You can do as you wish, your inspirations and your preferences since the idea is to please others. 

To start, know that the purpose of massage is to stimulate energy points (the 7 chakras) to awaken sensuality, but also promote relaxation and relaxation. Slide your hands all over your body, from head to toe, don’t forget to use hot oil since the heat loosens the nerve points.

Perform gentle gestures with pressures varying according to the part of the body. The hands should regularly touch the genitals without masturbation. You can also perform different movements for a crescendo effect: caress, light pressure, light touch, kneading, vibration … Essential advice: massage your body curves well and remain attentive to the reactions of the other.

When done well, a naturist massage helps with abandonment which opens the doors of pleasure, but it can also bring other benefits such as the elimination of toxins and tensions.

How to get a massage?

For the  naked massage to  be as sensual as you want, it is essential to arrange a space conducive to relaxation and sensuality. You will first have to prepare the room and create the atmosphere: scented candles, romantic and sensual music, subdued lighting, scented and clean sheets … The ideal is to establish a friendly, warm and above all favorable to eroticism.

During the complete and naturist massage, also remember to communicate with your partner. Ask him questions, trust his moans and his breath to be sure he enjoys the moment. Indeed, this massage is a real intimate moment aimed at exciting the inspiration of the other, it is therefore important to be attentive to the desires of his partner.

This massage does not necessarily end with a sexual relationship since it is mainly intended to stimulate sensuality and therefore the desire of the other. This is the reason why it is not always to be performed at home.

If you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation, you can also go to a  tantric massage parlor . A masseuse (eur) practicing the technique for a long time will perform the massage and can even advise you on the different movements to know. These massage establishments welcome both individuals and couples if you want to try an experience for two or eroticize your relationship.

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