Top 10 Tips Lesbian Massage With A Woman


Aug 27, 2021

You can find information and read stories about massage between straight couples everywhere. At school you get massage education and in films you sometimes see in the smallest detail how and what you can do with each other in bed. Unfortunately, you don’t find much about lesbian massage. It is not that you are told at school how you can have massage. There are not many good movies and you will not be able to buy a book with lesbian massage tips very quickly at the AKO at the station. How do you find out what to do if you want to sleep with a woman? We too have walked around with these questions. In our time there was little to be found online and we could only order books from Amazon via America. To make it a little easier for you than us, we therefore share ten tips for great massage with a woman.

1. Use your intuition

The first time I also had no clue what to do . What should I do with my fingers and when should I share my mouth with the whole? It may be a bit easier if you have had massage with a man before, but even then it will be strange to suddenly give what you received earlier. My number 1 advice in this is surely to trust your intuition a bit. Do what feels right. If it does not feel right to perform certain actions, do not force yourself into this. It is great not to do so much the first time. What caressing, massaging and kissing can mean a lot to the other person. Don’t set the bar too high and follow your feelings.

2. Practice

Practice makes perfect. Sometimes you have a natural talent in something, sometimes you have to practice a lot in advance to get to the same level. That is not wrong and that is nothing to be ashamed of. In addition, some practice in advance can also make you more certain once you are together. Just practice yourself now and then. If you know for yourself what feels good, then you can also try this with the other. You don’t have to worry as much about practical details, such as how far you put your finger in, or how you move it.

If you still find it difficult to practice on yourself, you can also hold a mirror down there and look at yourself. More women do that and it is nothing to be ashamed of. This way you discover where everything is and what you can do best.

3. Talk to each other

It can also help to do some ‘dirty talk’ beforehand . Talk to each other about sex, about what you like and what you are unsure about. It can sometimes be quite difficult to find the one that excites the other. It is then very handy to have a kind of road map in your head. That way both of you are prepared and the road to a good feeling can only be traveled better.

4. Get rid of those fake nails

A fake no go is the fake nail. If you wear this, then dump it now. Those fingers without sharp nails are very necessary for lesbian massage. After this it is good to investigate how to finger. One woman will cum quickly by gently touching the clitoris, the other will love somewhat harder friction of the outer labia. Don’t be discouraged too quickly if she doesn’t cum after a little bit of finger work. That needs some time and searching and some also just have a little more trouble with the cumshot.

5. Don’t forget those breasts

Of course there are women who don’t like it when their breasts are touched, but there are also many women who like this very much. A quick test … Not too hard, because some breasts can be quite sensitive. Touch them gently, squeeze the nipples lightly and kiss here and there a little on and around the breasts. If she likes this, you can try a little more around those beautiful female forms.

6. Can I come in?

If she is not bothered by vaginism and she is positive about penetration, you can come to her. Starting with a finger and later possibly with several fingers. Build up the speed slowly and check in between if she still likes it. Stimulating the G-spot will be very nice for some women, others have little use for it. If you do not like this, first discover where it is with you. It feels a bit spongy. Finally, you can of course also use certain toys.

7. Greatest fear

What frightens many women who have massage with women is the oral part. With the mouth. If you don’t like this, don’t do it. Maybe the other person does not think it is necessary at all or you can think of a different way together.

8. Safe

The chance of contracting a massageual disease during massage with a woman is a lot smaller than with a man. Yet it is important to take good care of yourself in this. Take this seriously. 

9. The orgasm

Women usually need a little more time to come to an orgasm. So it is not at all strange if you have finished as if and they are not nearly finished. That does not necessarily have something to do with your sexual abilities. Don’t focus too much on that orgasm either. Sex is much more than just getting an orgasm. The less pressure you put on it, the less stress you will experience, the easier you will come to an orgasm.

10. Letting go

Women can, often more than men, be real control freaks . They want to have everything under control and do what they do perfectly. This goes bad with massage. The more you hold control, the less you will feel, experience and the harder it will be to let go and get ready. There are all kinds of small things that can help to let go of that control and to be and feel more in the here and now. Discuss this and support each other in this. For example, use a glass of wine in advance or put on fine music.

However, it is important to note that lesbian massage is not restricted to lesbians alone but is open to bisexuals and any woman who wish to experience a different kind of pleasure. So tantra massage is open to all women comfortable to be massage by their fellow women irrespective of whether they are not lesbians immediately.

lesbian massage is done by professionals and not just any kind of massage center. In Madrid, lesbian massage can be done in massage centers and there are a lot of them in the city. It is important to note that this kind of massage is sensual in nature but go beyond being an activity for sexual arousal or satisfaction, it tends to awaken your senses and give a complete relaxation.

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